Video - Move-in Decision and Transition

A one hour Careblazer  interview on when and how to make the decision to move your loved one into an Assisted Living or Nursing Home care setting.  

Learn the unique differences Stone Lodge offers.

About Us


Mission and Philosphy

"Our mission is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those living with dementia...and their families."  We provide a secure, lodge-like and stimulating living environment. Our purpose is to provide quality of life and maximize individual strengths and capabilities by offering a nurturing, supportive, flexible, and innovative approach defined by individual needs and preferences.

WE ARE GROWING!  New expansion underway.  Taking applications for Waiting List. 


Options - "At Your Service!"

Day/Night Hourly Caregiver Respite

You select amount of time needed allowing you the ability to attend to appointments, errands, personal time, or much needed sleep of your own.  Also, your loved one benefits from opportunities of social engagement and life enriching activities.

Short-Term Overnight Caregiver Respite: 

You select period of time from 1 day to 3 weeks for a much needed vacation or to attend to a family emergency or medical procedure.  Also, your loved one has an opportunity to develop friendships and familiarity as a trial for when residency may become necessary.

Long-Term Residency: When time has come for 24 hour all-inclusive, individualized care. 


Specialists in Memory Care

Stone Lodge is locally owned and community driven. Providing memory care in Shepherd, Mount Pleasant, Alma and surrounding region.  The Stone Lodge team includes 4 Certified Dementia Practitioners and is a dedicated group of Care Partners.  The entire team is committed to promoting maximum well-being with a high staffing ratio and a growing number of volunteer "Grand Friends." 


Does a person have to have dementia to live at the Lodge?

Yes. We provide a service to those who exhibit similar challenges with memory deficits. We believe those with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia best benefit from our specialty program and therapeutic environment.

Do you have private rooms?

Yes.  All the sleeping rooms are private. However, individuals spend the majority of time in the comfortable great room, family style dining room and Esther's Cove sensory room.  There is also a spacious patio for outdoor pleasure. 

Is the facility secured and safe?

Yes.  The entrance and exit doors are key coded and alarmed. The patio door allows freedom to come and go outside in secured gated area.  The Lodge is fully sprinkled and alarmed meeting all Fire Safety requirements.  In addition, all staff undergo criminal background checks as a condition of hire.

Is the facility licensed?

Yes.  We are  licensed with the State of Michigan Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing (BCAL) as a Large Group Adult Foster Care (AFC) for aged and Alzheimer's.  We are also a member of Michigan Assisted Living Association (MCAL) and members of the Mt. Pleasant and Shepherd's Chamber of Commerce.

Do you allow pets?

Yes.  We believe moving into assisted living can be traumatic enough and would like to not have an individual be separated from their beloved pet if possible. Thereby, determination is based upon appropriateness and compatibility.  We believe in the therapeutic benefits animals provide.  We currently have 1 dog, 1 cat, a lively bird aviary and 145 gallon fish aquarium.

Do you have medical oversight?

Yes.  We have 24 hour around the clock staffing and a full-time licensed practical nurse.  We collaborate with visiting Physicians, PA's, NP's, Home Health Services, Hospice Agencies, Pharmacy Services, Therapy Providers, and Laboratory Services.  In addition, we have a Massage Therapist who visits weekly for those especially fond of therapeutic touch.


"My Grandpa"


 "What an amazing place! My family thought it would be impossible to find a place we felt comfortable moving my grandpa into but we couldn't be happier with Stone Lodge. The staff truly treats everyone in their care like family. It is apparent that care taking and enhancing the lives of others is the passion of each and every person who works there. Because of the support they have shown our extended family and, most importantly, my grandpa, we will be forever grateful we were lucky enough to experience their care."​

Tracy Inosencio-Borka   April 29, 2016 

"My Wife's Progress"


 It is a fantastic place both atmosphere and staff. My wife has made great progress since she has been there. I highly recommend it as a place to take one's spouse or parent when they are in need                                of such care.                                                     

Jerry Lounsbury   July 26, 2016    

A Nurse's Perspective


 "I love this place.  Beautiful, supportive, nurturing place to house people with Alzheimer's disease!  I have been a nurse for 40 years in many different settings.  Visiting Stone Lodge immediately made me want to be a part of it and to work here!  If only I didn't live so far away!  This place will do great things.  So excited to hear how it evolves in time to come.  Such a beautiful vacation like relaxing setting.  Perfect for people with this unfortunate diagnosis.  Like an oasis in the desert!"                   

Janet Juengel    May 9, 2016  

Hospice Nurse Experience


  This place is amazing! The atmosphere is so warm and inviting.  The staff take such good care of residents and families. I have been to many facilities in my travels and this is by far the best I've come across.  I wouldn't hesitate to have a loved one vacation at the lodge.  

Kelly Schroeder Wright, RN Hometown Hospice      September 13, 2016  

"Happy Family Atmosphere"


  "The first time I visited Stone Lodge, I knew it was unique and special after visiting many other senior/adult care homes in our area.  Stone Lodge looks like a resort and the people staying there are called "guests."  Their VIP care is very professional but also genuinely warm and caring with goals of improving the quality of life for each of their guests, with dignity and as much enjoyment as possible.  Stone Lodge is the kind of place that makes you feel good about turning over the daily care of a loved one to them and they also welcome family and friends to be a part of their daily activities.  As I visited, I felt like I became a member of the happy family atmosphere there and I developed friendships that I hope will continue."   

Very Sincerely, Grateful Family Member            October 1, 2016  

"Not Just a Job...But a Passion"


  "I was so impressed by the staff and atmosphere of Stone Lodge. It's easy to see that this isn't simply a job for the staff, but a passion. Their knowledge and expertise helped my entire family through an incredibly difficult time. They laughed with us during the happy times, reassured us when we needed it, and cried with us during the sad times. I would recommend Stone Lodge to any family with a loved one in need of care."   

Jodie Beavers   October 2, 2016     


"Unlike Any Other"


  This is what comes to mind when I think of this beautiful place and the outstanding staff who take care of the loved ones who reside there. Stone Lodge has given us much more than a room and bed for our Grandmother. They've given our family a GATHERING PLACE, where we were always made to feel welcome and at home during our visits. A LISTENING EAR, to reminisce about our memories of a women we loved with all our hearts. The most valuable thing Stone Lodge and it's staff could give our family was PEACE OF MIND knowing she was being cared for with the utmost respect she most certainly deserved.  A large void has been added to our hearts by the recent passing of this beautiful lady we call "Grandma". Even after this loss, the staff of Stone Lodge have unknowingly helped fill this void. We’ve lost someone so important to us, but we’ve also gained a new group of people we now consider family.   

Dawn Vanneste       October 20, 2016   

"Thank You!"


  Mary Jo,
What a comfort for me you were today!!  Thank you for the wonderful care you are taking of my Mother.  I can only imagine how hard your job is.  This is a terrible disease and it breaks my heart to see what my Mother and Daddy have gone through and what they will yet face.  Thanks again!  You really blessed me today and I love the individualized care you are giving to my Mother!!!  THANK YOU!!

Sharyl Businger     December, 2016

"So Blessed"


  You will not find a more supportive and loving place than Stone Lodge..We were so blessed to have my husband there his last few all will be forever in my prayers...   

Julie Betts       November 25, 2016  

"Pleasantly Surprised"


  I was pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful place this is. My grandfather spent his last days there. The staff is very caring and supportive. They go out of their way to make their guests as comfortable as possible. Very nice inside also. Much like a hunting or fishing lodge. I highly recommend the Stone Lodge.   

Patrick Wilk    January 4, 2017

"What We Did and Didn't See"


 We were initially impressed with a new facility called Stone Lodge located in Shepherd, MI because of what we didn’t see… well as with what we did.  The building décor is amazing!  We didn’t see unattended elderly folks with long sad faces, boredom, inactivity, clutter, unkempt bathrooms, strange smells, etc..  We did see an excellent staff to resident ratio, healthy and nicely displayed snacks offered…and often fed…to the residents, support staff who provided physical therapy, nurses and doctors who made house calls, and positive loving interaction between staff to staff and most importantly staff to residents. We did see coded key pads to keep confused elderly from wandering off unnoticed…as well as an unwanted intruder from entering their home.  Safety was a “top” on our list.  While being treated to a tour of Stone Lodge, two families came in to visit their loved one.  They were not treated like visitors, there was no rush to “do” something, and one of them walked toward the kitchen area and helped himself to a cup of coffee.  It felt like “home.”    We sincerely thank God for this fine staff He led us to.  Without reservation we highly recommend Stone Lodge."

Kindest regards, Ray and Marilyn McDonald          August 5, 2016  

"Peace of Mind"

3 Generations

My mom had a horrible experience at the assisted living facility she was first in. When we brought her to Stone Lodge we weren't expecting much more than that she would be safe. This place has been a blessing! Mom is loved and cared for as if she is their own mother. The staff is amazing, so loving and totally in tune to mom's every mood and need. There is no place like it! I used to sit in my car and cry when I would have to leave my mom, but no more. Now it's a joy to go visit her and I know when I walk out the door mom will be loved on and cared for better than I could have cared for her. I don't have to fear that she will be drugged up just to control her. I feel like I am coming home to visit mom at Stone Lodge. I know I will be welcomed by the staff and made to feel an important part of the Stone Lodge Family. I never feel like I'm intruding or in the way. I only wish all assisted living facilities were as wonderful as Stone Lodge and no family would ever have to endure what mom endured before become a part of the Stone Lodge family. Stone Lodge is an answer to many prayers. 

Sharon Stolz    August, 2017  

The care at Stone Lodge should be the standard for memory care. The staff here is wonderful and attentive. They are so knowledgeable about memory care issues and the needs of their residents. Our family has been so blessed by this place and its staff. 

Julie Stolz Licavoli      August, 2017  

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